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Maryland Arts Education needs your voice 
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Linked is a letter of concern signed by the Presidents of the four Maryland Arts Education Professional Associations: Maryland Art Education Association, Maryland Dance Education Association, Maryland Music Educators Association, and the Maryland Theatre Education Association. 


We sent this letter to MSDE Superintendent Choudhury to voice our concern over the lack of a Fine Arts Office at the Maryland State Department of Education, and offer ourselves and our associations as partners in arts education work at the State Department. We do so in the interest of maintaining Maryland's national status as a home of quality school Arts Education. We invite our membership and other concerned citizens of the state of Maryland to reach out to Superintendent Choudhury, or their state representative, to voice their concerns about the lack of representation for Fine Arts Education at MSDE and in the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

Advocacy Resources

Read all about the NDEO Priorities for Dance Education!  

The Priorities for Dance Education provide both a framework for NDEO’s programs, services, and governance, and a call-to-action for members as well as non-members to help move the field forward.

Download the Priorities Brochure and Share with Friends and Colleagues!

Member Article:

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Why dance class is just as important as math class (Excerpted from the new book You, Your Child and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica) 

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