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Honor Society (NHSDA):


Check back often as we add resources, ideas, and connections to NHSDA Chapters across the state.  

Link to NHSDA Handbook -- click HERE.  

NHSDA MD Chapter List (as of October 26, 2020)

NHSDA Cheat Sheet -- How to start and run a chapter

NHSDA MDEA Pledge (updated July 23, 2017)

For questions related to NHSDA,

please contact MDEA's NHSDA Liaison:

Angela Romeo -- Dance Teacher, Mount de Sales Academy

AileyCamp 2018 students make Tutus!

Video courtesy of AileyCamp Baltimore.

MDEA and NHSDA Chapters support

A Tutu Mission

Fundraiser for AileyCamp Baltimore

November 1, 2018 -- May 17, 2019

No Donation is Too Small! 
Together we can make a difference!  

Click HERE for information about A Tutu Mission.

Click HERE for A Tutu Mission flyer.

Updated information for 2018-2019 coming soon.  

2017-18 TuTu Mission History: 

Thank you to all of the schools/programs that participated in the first  A TuTu Mission to support AileyCamp Baltimore this summer.  As of May 9, 2018, the TuTu Mission raised over $1,400 total and has reached its goal.  

Congratulations to Wiley H. Bates Middle School for reaching the highest donation amount.  Also, Dance Expressions reached the highest donation amount by the deadline for a FREE master class sponsored by MDEA .  The students at Dance Expressions will receive a master class with Linda-Denise Fisher Harrell, artistic director of AileyCamp Baltimore. 

The following schools/studios/programs

participated in a TuTu Mission:

Kassi Serafini, Wiley H. Bates Middle School - $400
Pam Schrier, Dance Expressions - $375
Tracee Tortillo Von Paris, Merritt Dance Academy Eldersburg
Angela Romeo, Mt. de Sales Academy 
Serene Webber, Notre Dame Preparatory 
Meredith Exler Lazzaro, Northwood High School
Karen Kuebler, West Towson Elementary
Lynda Fitzgerald, AACC Dance Company
Gabrielle Stoler, Old Mill Middle South
Barclay Gibbs, Dance Conservatory of Maryland
Jen Aversa, Dance Connections Inc. 
Carrie Hammond, Oldfields School
Diane Powe Webbert, Institute of Notre Dame

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