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NDEO National Conference Scholarship 

for MDEA Members

In keeping with the mission to support further study and professional growth in dance and dance education, MDEA is offering a scholarship to MDEA members to cover the conference registration fee for an upcoming NDEO Conference.

Scholarships will be funded in the amount of the early-bird conference registration fee.



Scholarship applications are to provide MDEA members with the opportunity for increased and broadened professional learning in the field of dance.  

The intended experience should:

  • recognize and promote scholarly interest, 

  • increase and promote new connections in the field, 

  • broaden knowledge, 

  • cultivate leadership in the field, and

  • provide an experience which would lead to the recipient presenting at a future MDEA event.  


ELIGIBILITY: Must be an active member of NDEO/MDEA throughout the period of the awarded experience. 
  1. Undergraduate and graduate MDEA member studying dance education

  2. Current K-12 or college/university dance teacher

  3. Current teaching artist 

  4. Administrator of Fine Arts Dance program 



The application must be completed, addressing all items and criteria listed. 


Scholarships will be awarded based on the merit of the application and will be selected in accordance with award criteria. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for this scholarship.


All applications must be electronically submitted on the NDEO Conference Scholarship Application Form and supporting documentation emailed to MDEA: by the Monday, May 22, 2023 deadline


Completed applications will be reviewed by the MDEA Grants and Scholarships Committee. Award recipients will be notified and announced within 4 weeks after the application deadline. 


Announcement of the scholarship will be shared in a spring MDEA e-newsletter. The awardee must attend an NDEO National Conference or a Special Topics Conference within a year of receiving the scholarship.


Questions about this application form should be sent to:

  • Application is due Wednesday, June 15, 2022 by 5 pm

  • Complete the Application form

  • Email the following items to MDEA --

  • Two letters of recommendation: 

    • One from an immediate supervisor, mentor, or counselor

    • One from someone who can speak to your work ethic (May or may not be dance related)

  • Submit headshot and photo credit

Save and submit all documents with the following titles: Last name, letter of rec 1 or letter of rec 2, headshot.  E.g. Smith_letter_of_rec_1_MDEA_NDEOConferenceScholarship

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