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Submit a Proposal for the Fall 2023 MDEA Conference:
REIGNITING our Passion and Purpose: Revitalizing Dance & Dance Education

Friday, October 20, 2023

CCBC Essex Campus

7201 Rossville Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21237

8:00am-3:45pm EST


Information about submitting a proposal:
For Inquiries: Contact us at (646) 522-3028 or
Proposals are due by Friday, August 11, 2023 at 5:00pm

The MDEA Conference Planning Committee requests that each potential presenter completes a Session Proposal Form.  The Conference Planning Committee will review all proposals and contact all who have submitted a proposal as to the acceptance of the proposal. Submissions will receive a confirmation upon receipt and a response by August 27, 2023.  

One presenter per session will be compensated with a complimentary conference registration for a session proposal that is accepted by the planning committee and presented at the conference.  If a session has multiple presenters, compensation will be determined by the lead presenter who submits the session proposal.

  • All presenters must complete the registration process.

  • Presenters and co-presenters must be current and up to date with their MDEA/NDEO membership through the MDEA Conference date.

  • There will be a small honorarium for presenters, no honoraria are paid to MDEA Board Members.

  • Presenters are responsible for all travel-related expenses; unless otherwise specified and agreed. MDEA will provide lunch for presenters

  • Presenters are responsible for providing all shareable presentation materials in electronic format to MDEA by the established deadline.

  • Please communicate those tech needs if your proposal is accepted. MDEA will provide: desktop computer, projection screen, projector, and speakers.  It is recommended that presenters provide their own wireless headset microphone and a laptop/device. 

  • The presenter is responsible for room set-up, introducing themselves and reminding attendees to complete the evaluation tasks.

  • Lead presenters will be responsible for informing all co-presenters of the Conference Planning Committee's decision regarding their submission.

  • Presenters need to agree to follow all COVID protocols, if necessary, that are put in place by CCBC and MDEA.


Your proposal will be reviewed based on the criteria below:

  • Relevance to MDEA conference theme, mission, and vision

  • Clarity of intent, description, and design

  • Clarity of presentation objective(s) and description

  • Degree of participant engagement, such as hands on learning and interactive discussions

  • Practical usefulness to participants and demonstration of best practices in fine arts dance

  • Innovation and creativity



THEME: REIGNITING our Passion and Purpose: Revitalizing Dance & Dance Education

For the 8th Annual MDEA Conference, the selected theme provides an opportunity to refresh our passion and purpose for dance, as we continue to navigate dance education recovering from a global pandemic, as well as ongoing systemic and societal challenges.  Presenters will have the opportunity to reignite ourselves as artists, educators and practitioners, as well as revitalize the dance education community through social-emotional learning, arts integration, technology, and somatic practices. 

  • How do dance educators reignite ourselves as artists and educators as we navigate out of a pandemic?

  • How do dance educators revitalize the passion for dance within our students and communities?

  • How can we address diversity, equity and inclusion to move dance education forward?

  • How can we address social-emotional needs to revitalize our dancing classrooms and environments? 


Additionally, we ask you to consider the guiding initiatives that have been created by NDEO to help shape the future of dance education nationally and through the work of the state affiliates.  The initiatives/priorities are:-

Connect the Field
Build Knowledge
Cultivate Leadership
Promote Inclusiveness


In addition to contact information, you will need to submit the following:

  • 100 word biography for each presenter

  • 1 mb or smaller headshot/photo and photo credit for each presenter. Label the file with name and year. For example: msmith2021.jpg

  • Session Title

  • Session Description: 100 words or less (this will appear on the Registration form)

  • Session Objective(s): Describe your session objectives/goals.  What do you hope participants will gain from attending your session?

  • Describe how your proposed session addresses the conference theme: "REIGNITING our Passion and Purpose: Revitalizing Dance & Dance Education" Provide specific details.  


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