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 MDEA members will receive a link to the ballot via email.  Review the nominees for each position below.  Click on the nominees         picture to learn more about them and to read their statement of interest and intent. 


 All ballots must be submitted by Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 at 9:00pm EST 


Nominees for the following positions on the Board of Directors - Click on the picture to learn more about the candidates! 

Executive Committee




      Darryl T. Pilate

General Board Member

Student Representative

     Emily Wampler

General Board Member -- Understudy 

K-12 Public Schools

                             Marsinah Vaughn                                  Kerry Johnson




                                                           Post Secondary

                                                       Ann Sofie Clemmensen


NHSDA Representative                                                  Community Organization

     Tiffany Alastanos                                                                  Breai Michele














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