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MDEA Conference Scholarship 

In keeping with the mission to recognize and encourage professional development activities and participation in professional conferences, MDEA is offering scholarships to at least three (3) qualified applicants to help defray the registration expense associated with attending the MDEA Annual Conference. 



Scholarship applications are to provide dance students and professionals with the opportunity to attend the MDEA Annual Conference. You must be a member of MDEA to receive a scholarship.  All Applicants must show evidence of a strong commitment to the field, leadership in the community, and participation beyond the academic day, especially those that may have an impact on the field of dance.


ELIGIBILITY: Must be an active member of NDEO/MDEA throughout the period of the awarded experience. 

 Individuals may apply in one of the following categories:

  1. High School Student (9th-12th grade)

    1. Full-time student

    2. Preference given to an NHSDA member

  2. Undergraduate/Graduate Student

    1. Full-time student in an undergraduate or graduate dance major or minor

    2. Preference given to an NHSDA member

  3. Professional Artist

  4. Teacher

  5. Administrator/Other



The application must be completed, addressing all items and criteria listed. 


Each application will be evaluated on how clearly the applicant meets the scholarship criteria; i.e. evidence of commitment to the field, examples of leadership in the community, and participation beyond the academic day (ex. NHSDA, Dance Company, etc.) or other volunteer activities, as well as the merit reflected by the letter of recommendation.


All applications must be electronically submitted by the given deadline on the MDEA Conference Scholarship Application Form. 


The scholarship deadline for the 2023 Conference is October 1, 2023.  Completed applications will be reviewed by the MDEA Grants and Scholarship Committee. Recipients will be notified and announced within 2 weeks after the  application deadline. 


Announcement of the scholarship will be shared in the MDEA e-newsletter. Attendance at the Annual MDEA Conference Awards Session is strongly encouraged. The Awards Event will be held on Friday Oct 20, 2023


Questions about this application form should be sent to

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