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Maryland Dance Education Association
Grant Program

In keeping with its goal to support and encourage MDEA membership as they seek to develop and conduct school and community programs in Dance, MDEA announces the availability of “grants.” Each grant request can be funded up to a $1000 maximum.


Grant proposals must promote the mission of MDEA, make certain that you review the mission and vision prior to completing the application. Grants will be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. Applications must be submitted by MDEA members and use the current format. 

  2. The project must relate to dance education initiatives that support and or promote the mission and vision of MDEA and may not include requests for travel or for professional development.

  3. Equipment will become the property of the site housing the project.

  4. The project must benefit students or members of the community in Maryland.

  5. The project must be innovative and/or should supplement or enhance the existing school, recreational, studio, and/or community programs.

  6. The project must be approved by the applicant’s supervisor, based on the structure of the organization, as indicated by the appropriate signature on the application.

  7. Priority will be given to first-time applicants and/or innovative programs.

  8. If the project is funded, the MDEA member must maintain their MDEA membership for the duration of the awarded project. 

  9. If the project is funded, the applicant must either:

    1. write an article for a MDEA publication (i.e. MDEA eNewsletter), reporting upon the efficacy of the project.  This should be submitted within one year of the date funding.

    2. present the project at a future MDEA Conference.  The presentation should be given within one year of the funding date.


The following application must be completed to the fullest, addressing all the items listed.  In some sections, a guiding point(s) is provided.  Please be aware that just providing “responses” to the guiding point(s) alone will not guarantee the highest possible rating per section.  These are general points to help you establish your motives and the context of your responses.


The MDEA Grant Committee is composed of current MDEA members with representation from at least 3 different constituencies, and will be rating each submission.


Each application will be evaluated on how clearly the application meets the grant criteria; i.e. the explanation of the project, benefits to student/community, clearly defined objectives and outcomes, clearly articulated, efficient, and appropriate timeline/implementation process, budget, and project innovation.


All applicants are encouraged to attend the Grant Application Preparation Seminar in early August to assist writers with how to propose the full application for strong consideration. All applications must be completed and supporting documents electronically submitted by the given deadline to MDEA at The grant deadline for the upcoming school year is Friday, September 8, 2023.  A recommendation from the Grant Committee will be made to the Executive Board for a final decision.


Questions about this application form should be sent to

MDEA Grant Application

Application is due Friday, September 8, 2023 (electronic submission only)


Upload the following item to your application form:

  • Itemized Grant Budget Form

  • Save and submit the document with the following title:

       E.g. Smith_MDEA_Grant_Application_Budget_Form


Be prepared to answer the following questions on the application form:


  1. Have you ever applied for a MDEA Grant? Is so, when and was it approved?

  2. Grant Project Narrative: Clearly explain your proposed project: explain why and what you are requesting/how it links with the MDEA vision and mission/who the target population is that will benefit/provide a rationale/what is the value to the field of dance?  500 words max
    Explain your proposed project:

    • What is the intended grant projects’ relationship to your program?

    • For what purpose will the grant funding be used?

    • How does it link to the Mission and Vision of MDEA?

    • Who is the targeted population?

    • How does this benefit the targeted population?

    • What is the value of the proposed project to the field of dance?

  3. Please describe any items listed in the itemized budget (see below).  Include why you are choosing to go through the selected company/vendor(s), and if necessary how you will plan to cover expenditures that are greater than the grant and/or how you are using other sources to cover the cost of the item(s)? (describe all in-kind funding that will be associated with this proposal). 500 words max

    • Describe all in-kind funding for the project. If none, explain why. (Include items such as volunteer hours, equipment, materials, facilities, etc.)

    • Describe how the grant funds will be used for the project. If you have vendors involved, why did you select them?

    • If in-kind and the grant funding are not enough to cover the total costs, what are you doing to seek additional funding for the project?

  4. Itemized Budget Form: The itemized budget is a list of expenses that will be incurred if the grant is approved.  Please provide the item, price per item, quantity needed for the specific item, and the final amount.

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