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Calling all MDEA and NDEO Members who are interested in a travel excursion/professional development intensive to Cuba in June 2020!


MDEA is helping to coordinate a trip to CUBA through Caledonia Worldwide Travel for dance educators to experience and be immersed in the culture, traditions, and dancing of Cuba.

View the proposed itinerary HERE.  

View a flyer for the Cuba Travel Opportunity HERE.  

Click HERE for some FAQs on the trip.  


Although many types of travel to Cuba were banned by the U.S. Government, this trip falls under the "Support for Cuban People" category.  Therefore. travel is allowable for this trip.   


Registration is currently open.  The deadline to register is November 1, 2019 by midnight. 


If you are ready to sign up, contact Kath Bateman at and one of her team members will send you the secure online booking form link. Once you submit the completed booking form, you will receive an invoice for the required deposit to confirm your place on the trip.

Here's more details about the trip:

1.  The trip proposal includes the dates June 21-28, 2020 - Sunday to Sunday -  to Santiago de Cuba.

2.  The cost for the Caledonia portion of the trip is $1720 per person if we have ten or more people. (this includes the homestays - think Airbnb - type of accommodations in safe, clean, vetted homestays that are monitored and approved by the Ministry of Culture in Cuba) note: Caledonia has been orchestrating dance trips for twenty years!

3.  The trip minimum is ten people, the maximum is 20 with the hopes of getting 14-16.  (we have to keep in mind class sizes for the professional development piece)

4.  The cost above does not include travel insurance, Cuban VISA (roughly $100), cost of a passport, tips, lunches, or the flight. Right now, the flight is about $615 round-trip via American Airlines to Santiago de Cuba. Megan Morrison will be arranging the flights once we know who is going.   

5.   Any deposits made to Caledonia will be fully refundable should the U.S. Government change travel ability for Americans to Cuba for any reason.  We have been assured by Kath Bateman, with Caledonia, that there will be no question of losing your deposit or subsequent payments to Caledonia at any point up until the date of the trip. 

6.  It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for the trip, should you decide to commit. This is also the start of hurricane season (highly unlikely in June) and planning one year in advance, it is suggested that you plan for any emergencies or health issues that may arise. 

7.  The proposed itinerary/programme from Caledonia is available HERE.  Each day is described in brief and what is included in the cost is presented on page two.  

NOTE: the itinerary can be adjusted for the interests of those who are going, this is the suggested program based on what was shared from the survey and Caledonia's contacts in Santiago de Cuba, once we know who is going, Caledonia can adjust as suggested.  

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